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Mercodia – when accuracy matters

Mercodia provides biomarker immunoassays and services for clinical and research applications, notably within diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. We service a global market of over 100 countries with immunoassays spanning nine different species, covering both the basic and clinical research sector.

Mercodia – immunoassays and services

Mercodia also offers GLP-compliant outsourcing services for preclinical and clinical studies. Our bioanalytical, development, and production services are guided by industry guidelines, an extensive quality system (MAQS) and ISO 13485 for manufacturing medical devices. We specialize in large molecule ligand-binding assays, PK/ADA/PD/TK analysis, and offer a unique expertise in product life cycle management.

  • Market-leading quality immunoassays (
  • Offers custom development and production
  • Excellent track-record in optimization of customer assays
  • Experts in bioanalysis and validation (FDA/EMA – PK/ADA/PD/RUO)