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Medtech Companies

SoftOx Solutions is a Scandinavian Medtech company established in 2012 with a mission to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges to human health – recalcitrant biofilm infections and antibiotic resistance. Their proprietary technology is a unique combination of antimicrobial agents with broad-spectrum activity and increased tissue tolerability. It effectively kills free-living bacteria and biofilms, which are aggregates of bacteria notorious for being highly resistant to antibiotics of all kind. It kills bacteria by targeting multiple microbial components, making it unlikely for bacteria to develop resistance to the technology or cross-resistance to other antibiotics.

In hospital or community settings, extensive amounts of antibiotics are used both systemically and topically without being able to eradicate biofilm infections. SoftOx is focused on developing our technology into clinically proven antimicrobials for topical application to prevent and control difficult-to-treat biofilm infections and to reduce inappropriate use of antibiotics and the emergence of antibiotic resistance. To achieve these goals, SoftOx has employed a competent team and established partnerships with expert scientists and clinicians from the University of Copenhagen and Bispebjerg Hospital in Denmark. Together this team is devoted to ensure successful clinical implementation of SoftOx’ products.