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Petter Hartman

Petter Hartman


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Region Skåne and the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) work together with cluster organizations and trade associations to support the supply of future competences in the Medicon Valley region across a range of industries. This has in turn led to the establishment of a number of Competence Councils.

At the request of Region Skåne and the Swedish Public Employment Service, Medicon Valley Alliance is taking the lead in establishing and managing a Competence Council within the life science sector.

The objectives of the Competence Council Life Science are to:

  • Establish a forum for long-term collaboration between business, academia, government and non-profit organizations focusing on skills provision
  • Analyse the regional stakeholders’ needs for specific competences within life science
  • Identify the skills mismatch between industry competence requirements and the supply of competences delivered by the regions’ academic systems
  • Present proposals and methods that would support and secure the supply of competences in-demand by industry from a Medicon Valley perspective
  • Ensure a continuous coordination between regional and national efforts within skills provision
  • The Competence Council Life Science is based on close collaboration with Region Skåne, the Swedish Public Employment Service, Multihelix, and representatives from industry, academia, and trade unions. 

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