12 Biotech-Themed Online Courses to Try at Home During Lockdown

Dec 8, 2020

There is an opportunity in every calamity, as the famous Churchill quote goes!

Perhaps now you have time for some of the many free online courses about the biotech industry and how to run a business in this exciting field?

Our friends at have published an updated list of highly recommended free European online course of relevance for the industry. Among the distinguished providers highlighted such as MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US, University of California, San Diego, US and École Polytechnique and HEC Paris, France are also the following two courses provide by Medicon Valley based academic institutions.

“European Business Law: Competing in Europe” run by Lund University, Sweden
“Patenting in Biotechnology” run by the Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School

See the full list of courses and get inspired!

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