3 Q&A interview with Anita Mehrdadian, Lund Ambassador of Synapse Life Science Connect

Oct 19, 2021

1) What is the mission of Synapse Lund/Synapse Sweden?
Synapse – Life Science Connect is a student-driven, non-profit organization that aims to bridge the gap between life science students and the industry in Denmark and Southern Sweden. Our goal is to ease the transition from student to young professional by hosting collaborative events between students and life science professionals, companies, and organizations, including educational activities, networking opportunities, and professional events and workshops. Apart from serving the vision of the organization, Synapse Sweden also lays a strong foundation for cross-country collaborations within Danish and Swedish Life Science through increased Danish/Swedish interaction at Synapse activities. Furthermore, Synapse Sweden strives to be a key opinion leader on education and employment in the Swedish life science environment by working in close collaboration with university institutions and industry partners to ensure significant cross-disciplinary contributions and networks to the life science environment.

2) Why did you choose to become Synapse Lund Ambassador?
Before joining Synapse-Sweden, I was an active participant in most of the events of Synapse. As an international student, these events helped me gain a better understanding of the job market and work culture in the Öresund area. Synapse’s mission felt very personal which led me to want to contribute to this organization. Moreover, by joining Synapse-Sweden I would have the chance to propose and develop my own vision and ideas, together with other ambitious and hardworking life-science students, in order to grow Lund Hub and help life-science students with their future career.

3) What are your personal career ambitions?
As a newly MSc graduate of Biomedicine from Lund University and a Synapse-Sweden board member, I feel like I have gained many valuable hard and soft skills which I look forward to enhancing and leveraging in my future job or PhD position. My future ambitions are towards two potential paths which I am super passionate about: cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. My goal is to have hands-on experience in as many research projects, on cancer or neurodegenerative diseases, where I become well adept at various skills which then can help me accomplish my dream, which even though it might sound redundant, is to be part of the team that finds the cure for patients who suffer from aggressive and chronic cancer or neurodegenerative diseases.

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