3 Q&A interview with Kim Raabymagle, Country Manager, Pharmarelations

Nov 2, 2021

Q1: How do you see PharmaRelation’s role in the Medicon Valley life science eco-system

Today we support all kind of companies in Life Science: Smaller Biotech and Start-Up Life Science companies, mid-sized and big global pharma and med-tech companies. Not only with one kind of service, but often with multiple, especially interim consulting and outsourcing are growing business areas.

PharmaRelations supports Medicon Valley Life Science companies with right competences here and now, in parallel with the ongoing initiatives working towards creating pathways for development of competences in the long run.

Q2: What types of services do you offer?

Actually, a quite relevant question at the moment, since we are evolving our services and re-defining our value propositions: The right competencies, at the right time, at the right place!

I know that sounds very general and not very specific. However, we are moving away from being a consultant- and recruitment company, to being a Life Science consulting group. That means whether you are looking for a permanent recruitment, an interim solution for a period or hourly based consulting, then PharmaRelations can offer a tailormade solution. Our customers turn to us when they are in need of competencies.

Q3: What are PharmaRelation´s expansion/business development plans in the years to come?

PharmaRelations vision is to be the leading Life Science consulting company in the Nordics, providing services in terms of specialists within the total Life Science Business. And the last couple of years have shown we can reach that and is on our way!

From an inhouse perspective tweaked to what could be interesting for the companies in medical valley, is that we are planning to expand our team of senior QA/RA/PV/MD experts so we can meet the need from smaller companies to be the go-to place for strategic discussions and advice, and we have just started 2 new areas with Clinical and Engineering. And being close to 200 employees in the 4 Nordic countries, we are considered the market leader in the region.

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