3 Q&A Interview with Michael Bronsdijk, General Manager, Hologic Nordics

Nov 30, 2021

Johan Larsson (left), Marketing Manager, and Michael Bronsdijk (right), General Manager for the Nordics and Benelux.

One of the latest companies to join Medicon Valley Alliance is Hologic, a global medical technology company from the US primarily focused on women’s health. We took the opportunity to ask their General Manager for the Nordics and Benelux, Michael Bronsdijk, a few questions about their ambitions in the region and why they have chosen to become a part of our network.

Q1: As a global medical technology company with its Nordic headquarters in. Stockholm, why have you decided to become a member of our Danish-Swedish life science cluster organization?
Hologic has been doing business in the Nordic countries for quite some time, providing medical laboratories and hospitals throughout the region with cutting-edge diagnostic tools, screening platforms, and surgical equipment. So, we’re well-known to an inner circle of customers, healthcare professionals, and scientists, but we haven’t engaged a lot with other stakeholders in the business – and that is something that’s about to change. As the Greater Copenhagen region has become some sort of epicenter for our activities in the Nordics, the MVA appeared to be an excellent arena to expand and culture our network in the region’s life science community.
We’re sure that several of MVA’s events and network activities will be inspiring to us and provide opportunities to meet interesting people and, who knows, maybe even potential partners.

Q2: Where did you learn about Medicon Valley?
As a matter of fact, it was my colleague Johan Larsson (Nordic Marketing Manager) who by the way grew up in Skåne, who had a meeting with Petter Hartman (MVA’s outgoing CEO). Petter described the role of MVA in the region and the value that the organization adds for its member companies.

Q3: What are your key objectives in Medicon Valley and the Nordics?
Hologic’s primary focus is on improving women’s health and well-being through early detection, diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer, breast cancer and a number of other conditions that affect women. Another thing to highlight is that Hologic has collaborated a lot with many governments and regions in Europe during the pandemic, supplying many countries with our molecular test for detecting SARS-CoV-2. With our solutions for population-based screening and diagnostic tools, we have made significant contributions particularly within women’s health, both in Region Skåne and in large parts of Denmark. Now, we want to take on a more active role and engage with other stakeholders to achieve even more – and we figure that MVA is a perfect platform to find our future allies in the region.

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