“And the future looks even brighter!”, column in Nordic Life Science News by MVA chairman, Søren Bregenholt

Jun 9, 2022

As demonstrated in the recently published analysis, “Life Science in Eastern Denmark” life science is booming. This is, however, not an isolated Danish phenomenon. Life science is booming in the Nordics as such, and although Denmark and Sweden are by far the leading life science nations of the region, the biotech sector in both Finland and Norway are accelerating and contributing to the idea of the Nordics as a life science powerhouse.

In this column, MVA chairman of the Board, argues that with just a little help from the governments in Denmark and Sweden this region – along with the Stockholm-Uppsala region – could be the tip of the spear in a coherent regional, national, and Nordic life science strategy putting the Nordics on the global map and positioning the Nordics as an even more attractive life science destination.

Read the full column, “And the future looks even brighter!” in Nordic Life Science News and feel free to share

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