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Apply for the SVAR Complement Excellence Award

The Svar Complement Excellence Award is annually celebrated to acknowledge the remarkable international contributions made by researchers and physicians in the field of complement.

In collaboration with the International Complement Society (ICS) and European Complement Network (ECN), MVA member SVAR Life Science (a Swedish group of companies, specializes in inventing, developing, and applying the best assay technology for drug development and clinical diagnostics) offers two grants of 20,000 EUR each to deserving recipients. They encourage nominations from the community, empowering individuals to spotlight deserving candidates and a dedicated award committee consisting of members from ICS, ECN, past awardees, and pharma representatives, collectively decides on the the recipients.

Who is eligible for the awards?

Minimum requirements for those eligible are:

Must have a Ph.D.
1 prize is reserved for someone with 5-12 years of active research after Ph.D. has been completed
1 prize is reserved for someone with 13-20 years of active research after Ph.D. has been completed

Although considerations will be given to the number of publications, impacts, citations, etc. the final decision will be based on the experts of the complement field in the committee, who will evaluate the past and future projects, the effect of the findings for both understanding the complement system further as well as for the future therapeutic and/or diagnostic potentials.

Applications close on June 1st at 00:00 CET.

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