Download the brand new 2020 State of Medicon Valley Analysis free of charge

Nov 13, 2020

What is the State of the Danish-Swedish life science cluster, Medicon Valley?

  • What is the contribution of life science to the Danish and Swedish economy respectively?
  • How much is life science in Medicon Valley contributing to employment?
  • How does Medicon Valley rank compared to other European life science clusters?
  • What are the obstacles for future development?
  • How to we realise the full potential of the Medicon Valley life science cluster?
  • What is the role of Medicon Valley based life science in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic? 

These are just some of the quantitative and qualitative questions raised and answered in the annual “State of Medicon Valley Analysis published and presented at Medicon Valley Alliance´s Annual Meeting Monday 2nd of November. A broadcast from the event is available at the MVA Youtube channel.

In addition, the analysis interview key life science stakeholders in the region and highlights key trends and potentials. Learn more about for instance the intense competition and the dedicated effort to attract life science companies to the region, the new initiative to develop the Medicon Valley region into a world class cluster within the field of microbiome-related R&D and how we could and should strive to collaborate more regionally as well as internationally.

Your knowledge about Danish and Swedish life science is not complete before you have read the State of Medicon Valley 2020 analysis, which can be downloaded free of charge along with  associated tables and figures.

The State of Medicon Valley Analysis is commissioned and published by, Medicon Valley Alliance, prepared by Øresundsinstituttet and was written by Jenny Andersson, Anna Palmehag, Thea Wiborg and Johan Wessman

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