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Is artificial intelligence the future of healthcare in the Nordics? New article in the journal Futures by Associate senior lecturer Jason Tucker, Malmö University

May 1, 2023

The Nordic countries’ national strategies point to the growing scale and scope of AI in healthcare as inevitable and essential. But the future isn’t set, and citizens must be involved in which path to take, says researcher Jason Tucker:

According to Tucker, the Nordic countries’ national AI strategies frame private sector implemented AI as the only solution to achieve efficiency. But if we follow this path, public healthcare will end up guided by private sector interests. We are already on our way there and it will be increasingly difficult to change direction in the future.

“Tax funds are being channelled to support certain private sector visions of AI applications in public healthcare. For better or worse, these will have an impact on our future health,” says Tucker.

His article in the journal Futures, compares the national AI strategies in the four Nordic countries.

Read the interview on Malmö University webpage and download Jason Tucker´s article.

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