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Life Science Barometer 2024 – Skåne Edition presented by Medicon Village

What is the sentiment among life science companies in Skåne, and how are they positioned for the future? Is there reason for optimism?

Find the answers in the recently published Life Science Barometer 2024 – Skåne Edition

Some key highlights from the report:

* There are about 820 companies and organisations active within the life science sector in Skåne, of which more than 560 are classified under the core life science segments of pharma, biotech, medtech and diagnostics.

* Micro-sized companies dominate the company composition in Skåne – they represent 83 % of all life science companies. Medtech is also the biggest segment in Skåne, representing 43 % of life science companies.

* Skåne punches above its weight within biopharma – life science companies based in the region contribute to 27 % of the Swedish drug pipeline.

* Finding and securing funding is a critical area of focus among Skåne respondents in the short term, while in the longer term, Skåne respondents are focused on market growth, and recruitment and development for both the workforce as well as company leadership.

Enjoy the reading, which we at Medicon Valley Alliance think should be mandatory in both Stockholm and Copenhagen. Will the important conclusion be reflected in the new national life science strategies of both countries? We certainly hope so!

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