Mature your start-up for a Series A investment – Deadline for BioInnovation Institute´s, Creation House program, is 25th of November

Oct 29, 2021

Creation House is for companies with a solid, initial business plan. In the therapeutic area, a cellular proof of concept with chemical or biological tool compounds is required. In bioindustrials, a proof of concept on MVP is required and in health tech, a scale-up ready MVP is required.

In collaboration with the BII team and their network of experts, you will make a gap-analysis for your start-up to find weak spots and roll out a development plan with every little step needed to reach the milestones on drug development, good manufacturing practice, regulatory strategy et cetera. The purpose of the 18-months long program is to build a case that can attract substantial funding. BII will fund up to seven companies in the program with a risk-free convertible loan of EUR 1.3M.

Read more about the Creation House program and the guidelines for applicants here

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