The microbiome – a new way to cure diseases and an increasingly stronger research area in Greater Copenhagen

Oct 26, 2020

Danish financial daily, Børsen, and, Øresund News, are among the media, which have highlighted the true potential of the  interregional EU project, Greater Copenhagen Microbiome Signature Project led by Medicon Valley Alliance, together with Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Skåne, with the aim of positioning the life sciences cluster Medicon Valley as a global centre for microbiome research by attracting foreign companies and talent to the region.

The project has identified over 80 organisations working within the field of microbiomes in various ways, of which 40 are companies that develop microbiome-based treatments. Examples of well-known microbiome related (MVA-member) companies in the region, are BioGaia, Chr. Hansen, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Novozymes and Probi, but there are also several new innovative companies that have emerged in the region’s research environments, such as ImmuneBiotech, SNIPR Biome and UNION Therapeutics.

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