The Øresund Experiment – new book on cross-border cooperation

Aug 25, 2021

Without the Øresund Bridge the idea of Medicon Valley would have been stillborn, and the bridge and the visions for political, cultural and economic cross-border cooperation associated with it is key for any ambitious Medicon Valley aspirations.

Consequently, we have co-sponsored and agreed to promote the new book, “The Øresund Experiment” which will hopefully help increase understanding of not only the history, but also the potential of our joint Danish-Swedish region.

“Anyone interested in transnational region-building and cross-border cooperation should read this book. It tells the intriguing story of a region that rose from nothing and was appointed role model for European transnational regions by EU”.

Jens Kramer Mikkelsen
Director of Urban Development, NREP
Former Lord Mayor of Copenhagen

The book
The book reveals the engagement and efforts needed from all parts of society to create long-term sustainable cross-border cooperation in a European context. It describes the successes and failures during the period 1990-2020.

The authors
Christer Persson, Associate Professor of Economic Geography affiliated with Malmö University and former Director of Strategic Development in the City of Malmö.
Hans-Åke Persson, Professor Emeritus, Roskilde University and expert on modern European history, who has published several books in this field.

The book is paperback, 4-color and 160 pages. The price outside Sweden is 23 euros including shipping costs. The book is sold and distributed by one of the authors´ company. See contact
information. Please use e-mail for contact and order.

Christer Persson, Ängavången AB (Ltd)., mobile +46 706951063

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