MVA Member Nominated to “Fighter Pokalen 2013”

MVA member nominated to “Fighter Pokalen 2013”

Bang & Olufsen Medicom is nominated to “Fighter Pokalen 2013” which is an annual award sponsored by the Danish energy provider OK. This year’s theme has been “Welcome Future” with the aim to highlight the ability to create growth after the financial crises.

Bang & Olufsen Medicom was established in 1989 as the medico technology venture of Bang & Olufsen and is headquartered in Struer with a Copenhagen office in ‘Orestaden’. The company has been an award winning designer, developer and manufacturer of injection, inhalation and connectivity devices for over 20 years and hold a staff of more than 65 inovation specialists, application specialists, mechanical, hardware, software and production engineers.

Morten Nielsen, CEO, Bang & Olufsen Medicom, points out that Medicon Valley as a region is important to the company. “Our relationship and connection to Medicon Valley is important in our continued development as the region holds a strong footprint within Drug Delivery which is the cornerstone of our business. Furthermore we have a strong technical and innovative recruitment base in the region. Having said that we are a truly global business and will partner with the ‘best of the world”.

Read the press release from Bang & Olufsen Medicom (In Danish only)