SMEs Getting Value from the LSAP

Jul 15, 2011

One of the focus areas for the Life Science Ambassador Program (LSAP) is to help SMEs in their internationalization efforts. Recently, EXINI signed a very lucrative contract with FUJIFILM Pharma for the licensing of their EXINI Bone technology in Japan.

EXINI’s success isn’t unique; others are following with great success. Both NsDiscovery and BUCKY’o’ZUN have successfully taken the first steps in their Japanese endeavors, all with the help of Life Science Ambassador, Thomas Jonsson.

As covered in the last edition of our quarterly newsletter, EXINI has signed an agreement with Fujifilm in Japan. The agreement has been a success and not only has the market penetration been extremely fast – 1000 systems installed as of 17 June – it has also been extremely profitable.
NsDiscovery (the discovery division of NeuroSearch) has also gained foothold in the Japanese market. NsDiscovery received assistance from Life Science Ambassador, Thomas Jonsson as well. Just as with EXINI, Thomas Jonsson was NsDiscovery’s man on the ground.

We wanted to get in contact with some Japanese companies quickly, but based on our previous experience, we knew that the cultural and language barriers can prove for a difficult obstacle. We managed to take full advantage of Thomas Jonsson’s professionalism and local knowledge. He managed not only to find the right contacts at the companies that we had already planned to address but he also established contact to other very relevant companies, says Jørgen Drejer, CSO and CBO, NsDiscovery at NeuroSearch.

Another Medicon Valley company beginning their Japanese adventure is BUCKY’o’ZUN. BUCKY’o’ZUN was in the need for establishing contact and initiating negotiations with a Japanese university for collaborative research. Also here, Thomas Jonsson was able to assist the company by facilitating access to the right people.

How Can LSAP Help SMEs?
A recent external evaluation of LSAP by DAMVAD showed that SMEs can indeed get a head start on foreign markets when making use of the services provided by the Life Science Ambassadors. The evaluation showed that in a short term perspective, the value of the LSAP to SMEs can be summarized as follows:

  • LSAP-ambassadors give SMEs a head start on foreign markets by facilitating access to the right people from the beginning.
  • The LSAP stimulate a change in the existing strategic approach for many SMEs by facilitating and accelerating access to foreign markets
  • LSAP-ambassadors facilitate cross-cluster relations between MV-based SMEs and foreign partners

Getting Assitance from the Ambassador Program
As with EXINI, NsDiscovery and BUCKY’o’ZUN, LSAP can also assist you in for instance your foreign endeavors.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Life Science Ambassadors if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.


Thomas Jonsson

Life Science Ambassador, Medicon Valley, Denmark/Sweden
Responsible for Japan and South Korea
Mobile: +81 90 6506 7580


5033 sh

Torsten Jepsen

Life Science Ambassador, Medicon Valley, Denmark/Sweden
Based in Boston, Massachusetts, US
Phone (M): +1 (617)583-2044 (US)
Phone (M): +45 2875 4143 (Denmark)


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