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1 December 2011 / Copenhagen / Denmark
Medicon Valley 2020 – The Attractiveness of Medicon Valley and the Challenges Ahead

Time: 13.00 – 19.30

Venue: Main Auditorium, H. Lundbeck A/S, Ottiliavej 9, Valby

How do we ensure the attractiveness of Medicon Valley? The potential for growth is at hand, but if the region does not receive the necessary capital and meet the right political understanding, further development will come to a standstill and the death spiral begins. Year 2020 we can look back on a success or a failure. The Medicon Valley Alliance Annual Meeting will focus on how we ensure development in Medicon Valley.


13.00 Registration and welcome drink
Have your ideas and suggestions ready to post on our comments wall in the lobby!

14.00 Welcome
Stig Jørgensen, CEO, Medicon Valley Alliance
Moderator: Jan Wifstrand, Chairman of the Board, Rapidus

14.05 The recipe for success
Jan Leschly sets the stage: Strategic outlook, challenges and a guess of how we ensure the attractiveness of Medicon Valley; what should enterprises and stakeholders in the region do to be attractive and competitive on the international playing field, i.a. the ability to attract venture capital and work force. Supplemented with trends and developments in the life science industry.
After having held a number of executive posts in international pharmaceutical companies, Jan Leschly founded and is a partner of the American venture capital fund Care Capital that administers more than three billion Danish kroner of which a larger part has been invested in 26 biotech companies.

14.45 “If Merck Serono Ventures were to invest a billion kroner in Medicon Valley”
Presentation by Merck Serono Ventures about issues of importance when considering research investments and how to judge the attractiveness of Medicon Valley compared with other life science clusters. Where is their focus internationally?
(Roel Bulthuis, Head of Merck Serono Ventures, Switzerland)

15.05 Medicon Valley from a R&D-perspective
Which challenges does Medicon Valley face in the future when it comes to offering a unique and dynamic environment for research and development? How can we ensure that Medicon Valley can attract the best work force in the years to come?
(Kim Kjøller, Senior Vice President, Global Development, LEO Pharma, Denmark)

15.25 Break – Networking

15.50 Internationalization of the Danish life science and welfare technology cluster
Pia Olsen Dyhr, Minister for Trade and Investment

16.00 Panel Discussion – The Way Forward: How can we ensure the attractiveness of Medicon Valley?
Moderator: Jan Wifstrand, Chairman of the Board, Rapidus. The panel will include the key note speakers as well as politicians, representatives from academia, and the business sector from both the Swedish and Danish side of the Medicon Valley Region.

16.30 Break

16.40 Medicon Valley Cross Border Award

16.50 Panel Discussion – continued

17.25 Oracle, Mr Rich Davies, Solutions Specialist, Oracle Health Sciences

17.40 Science Slam!
Who can give the most interesting science lecture and engage their audience? Researchers at the Universities of Copenhagen and Lund are prepared to take on this challenge in a Science Slam. Having ten minutes each they must inform, entertain, and engage the audience with their lecture. The audience acts as a jury and selects the winner by voting. To capture their audience the researchers are allowed to make use of all possible remedies: photographs, films, and gadgets – and not least charm.
Science Slam has borrowed the concept from its more well-known cousin, Poetry Slam. Science Slam was introduced by German universities in 2008, and the concept has created a stir in Germany. Now that the University of Lund builds on this concept it is a entirely new way of getting research to the general public, through the so called third task.

18.30 Networking, jazz music, drinks and canapés

View photos from the Annual Meeting – by Adrian Iacomi.