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About MVA

Medicon Valley Alliance

A Danish-Swedish networking organization for the entire
life science community in Greater Copenhagen

Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) is the non-profit membership organization for the Danish-Swedish life science cluster Medicon Valley. Our 300+ members represent the region’s triple helix and include universities, hospitals, life science businesses, regional governments, selected municipalities and service providers. We create value for our members by co-hosting, launching and driving meetings, networks, seminars, conferences and projects that strengthen the collaboration, networking and knowledge-sharing in the regions’ life science community, create critical mass and help realizing the full potential of Medicon Valley.

Our vision is to be a well-known and respected member driven contributor to the realization and positioning of Medicon Valley as the most competitive and vital life science cluster in the EU. We are always searching for innovative ways to make Medicon Valley an even more  integrated and attractive bi-national life science cluster. Synergy is the key to this.

Medicon Valley as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our distinct focus on the entire cluster enables us to spot synergies and use our events and activities to create a regional “market place” for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and services. As the only representative of the region’s life science community, we are in a unique position to explore and help our members realize these synergies. We work tirelessly to bridge borders, disciplines and the public-private divide.

Michael E. Porter from the Harvard Business School wrote, “a cluster allows each member to benefit as if it had greater scale or as if it had joined with others without sacrificing its flexibility” in his seminal article “Clusters and the New Economics of Competition” from 1998. It is this exact synergy effect, which we continuously seek to unleash for our members through our strategic initiatives and day-to-day activities.

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