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Stephan Bouman

Stephan Bouman

Head of Project Portfolio Management

+45 2097 8841

Increased cross-border collaborations between hospitals, universities and industry are key to creating a strong innovation community, ensure a more efficient use of our common resources, and strengthen Medicon Valley’s competitiveness. MVA has a strong track record when it comes to project development  (including securing public and/or private funding) and project management of ongoing cross-border collaborations. MVA facilitates and participates actively in various project constellations and working groups to strengthen Swedish and Danish life science.

ReproUnion is one example of how we can work together across borders and disciplines to create the best possible conditions for life science research and innovation based on one of the region’s scientific strongholds. Partnerships like ReproUnion are an important part of the solution to the future challenges facing our healthcare systems. The project was recognized by the European Commission and nominated for a RegioStars Award 2018.

Other current and previous collaborations include DiaUnion, the Microbiome Signature Project, and HALRIC. More projects led or facilitated by MVA can be found in the menu Projects at the top of the page.