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Medicon Valley Alliance is continually adding new life science companies and organisations as members.

These companies and organisations have decided to join forces and strengthen their ties within the region, thereby anhancing their visibility with national and international companies looking at life science in Medicon Valley.

Below is a list of the companies that have most recently joined the Medicon Valley Alliance!

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GenScript is a world leader in biotechnology reagent services, providing life sciences services and products to over 200,000 scientists in over 100 countries worldwide. Established in 2002 in New Jersey, United States, the company was one of the first to commercialize gene synthesis as well as establish fully integrated capabilities for custom peptide synthesis, complex protein expression, and engineering, custom antibody development and engineering, in vitro/in vivo pharmacology, as well as a variety of other research-focused catalogue products.

After almost two decades of rapid growth, the company has expanded its business in recent years into the fields of immunotherapy, CDMO and microbiology to further its core mission of making people and nature healthier through biotechnological innovation.

With global support from its loyal customers and over 2600 employees located across the globe, GenScript strives towards its vision of being the most reliable biotech company globally in the service of a better and healthier future.


Medilevel connects patients and caregivers via modern digital tools, which create resource efficient, safe and secure care for all. Titrating medicine is often both a long and resource-intensive process. This leads to unnecessary side effects, anxiety and suffering for patients. For healthcare providers, this leads to a waste of resources. Medilevel has developed a communication tool for titrating medicine. It can easily be adapted to a wide range of different medications. It will increase patient involvement, decrease side effects and the number of patient appointments.

The Danish Veterinary Association

The Danish Veterinary Association (DVA) is a professional organization for all veterinarians in Denmark. The DVA embraces all kinds of veterinarians; e.g. practitioners, state veterinary officers, food hygienists, researchers, educators, veterinarians in the private sector, students and retired veterinarians. In total approximately 90 percent of all veterinarians in Denmark are members of the DVA. The union has approximately 4.000 members – hence approximately 2.500 are active.

Lately, more and more of DVAs members have been employed in the pharmaceutical industry. Here veterinarians are involved in the safety assessment of new drugs. Typically in the pre-clinical area as tolxicologists. But veterinarians are also employed as medical writers, data scientists, within pharmacovigilance etc.

DVA has 7 sections each responsible for their specific area. Section “Biomedicine” embraces all veterinarians employed in research and industry. The chairman is Anders Permin and the co-chair is Ida Thøfner.

Back Bay Life Science Advisors

Back Bay Life Science Advisors is a global life science consultancy with integrated investment banking expertise and execution.
Our scientists, BD leaders, bankers, and physicians work with biopharma and medtech companies across every stage, sector, geography, and disease area to position assets for maximum value and impact.

Founded in Boston in 2010, we work globally across the product life cycle for companies, investors, governments, and incubators. We specialize in US-EU partnering, with an emphasis on the Nordic region, including fostering strong collaboration with Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
Back Bay’s strategic engagements often extend to M&A and banking support, and our banking team is recognized as leading experts in strategic M&A, partnerships, and licensing for global life sciences.

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Avient Corporation provides specialized and sustainable material solutions that transform customer challenges into opportunities, bringing new products to life for a better world. Examples include:

•    Barrier technologies that preserve the shelf-life and quality of food, beverages, medicine and other perishable goods through high-performance materials that require less plastic
•    Light-weighting solutions that replace heavier traditional materials like metal, glass and wood, which can improve fuel efficiency in all modes of transportation
•    Breakthrough technologies that minimize wastewater and improve the recyclability of materials and packaging across a spectrum of end uses

AnRes Clinical

AnRes Clinical is a Clinical  Research Consultancy with a small and flexible team of Clinical Project Managers, Clinical Research Associates, Regulatory Submission specialists, Site Contract Managers, Medical Consultants, Statisticians, PV Experts and Regulatory Affairs professionals who would bring you through your drug development journey. We are also able to develop eCRFs, e-Questionnaires for patients, and many other databases tailored to study needs.

AnRes Clinical are therapeutically focused on Rare diseases, Neurology, Oncology and Cardiology Medical Devices. Therefore, we have established collaborations with specialists and Key Opinion Leaders in Neurology (depression, Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy), Cardiology and Oncology.

We are a team of extremely passionate, devoted and highly skilled independent clinical research professionals with wealth of experience in Europe.

ProductLife Group

ProductLife Group’s mission is to improve human health by delivering regulatory compliance services for the safe and effective use of medical solutions.

Since almost 30 years, PLG supports clients through the entire product life cycle, combining local expertise with global reach spanning more than 110 countries. It provides consulting and outsourcing services in the areas of regulatory affairs, quality and compliance, vigilance and medical information, covering both established products and innovative therapeutics & diagnostics.

With a goal of continuously improving the value delivered to people and customers, PLG is committed to long-term partnership, innovation, flexibility, and cost efficiency.

Pall Norden AB

Pall Norden AB offer Unique, Reliable, Medical OEM Filters and Membrane Solutions for Diagnostic and Healthcare Applications

Pall Norden AB offers a comprehensive portfolio of advanced medical filtration devices and microporous membranes with robust performance characteristics and documented quality compliance.

Our technical experts will help you find the best Medical OEM Filters and membranes to satisfy your product requirements for Diagnostic and Healthcare Applications. Combining extensive membrane manufacturing capabilities with advanced medical engineering and design expertise, Pall can create unique and reliable solutions for your specific application needs. Our adherence to internationally recognized quality and six sigma principles assure consistent lot-to-lot performance and compliance with global industry standards.


PainDrainer is the first advanced self-management tool for chronic pain powered by AI. With clinical evidence, we have great opportunities to increase the quality of life for millions of people living with chronic pain.


Phystec develops and supplies products, for the Health Care sector, that increases mobilization and activity in patients. Phystec’s vision and products are aligned with and contributing to the Swedish government’s vision of e-Health 2025.