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Market Your Events

Contact person

David Munis Zepernick

David Munis Zepernick

Director, Member Engagement and Communication

+45 2498 1668

Make sure your events and courses are visible to the life science community in Medicon Valley by posting them in our calendar and in the newsletter MVA Update.

Banner Advertising

You have the opportunity to market your events through banner advertising in MVA Update. Please read more about prices here.

Submit Your Event

Please use the email below to submit your event so that it can be included in our event calendar.

Remember to include:

  • Event title
  • Date and time
  • Place and venue
  • A short event description (approximately 300 characters. This will be used in the newsletter MVA Update)
  • Who the organizer is
  • A link to the event
  • Name and email for the contact person
  • A banner for the event (1080×400 px)

To submit your event email the details to Director, Member Engagement and Communication, David Munis Zepernick at

Terms & Conditions

Only events and courses relevant to the life science industry are accepted.

Contributions are accepted no later than 2 weeks ahead of the event (this deadline is set in order to maximize exposure in MVA Update).

MVA reserves all rights of censorship and prioritisation in regards to the information submitted.