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Kristine Koppelhus

Kristine Koppelhus

Project Manager, ReproUnion

+45 2062 6828


Platform for Driving Reproductive Health Innovation

In the Nordics, fertility rates have declined below what is required to sustain the size of the population, making involuntary childlessness a growing societal problem. Today, infertility is the most common chronic disease in the age group 20-45 years, affecting between 15-20% of couples.

In June 2023 ReproUnion was awarded 6.7 million euros to promote innovation in research and treatment of infertility, by establishing an innovation platform with new opportunities to reduce the risk of involuntary childlessness and improve fertility treatment. With a track record of over a decade, ReproUnion will continue to strengthen the collaboration between academia-clinic-industry-civil society in the field of reproductive medicine – across the Danish and Swedish border.

ReproUnion will bring together healthcare, world-leading expertise in the field of reproduction and private actors and work to eliminate national barriers and create an open dialogue between academia and industry to develop and validate innovations.

It requires access to large amounts of patient material and data to tailor disease prevention and treatment with a precision medicine approach. ReproUnion therefore wants scientific expertise, advanced analysis methods, patients, samples and data, to be available to both the Danish and Swedish healthcare, academia, and industry.

By joining forces and bridging clinical and academic activities with the industry and civil society, complex collaborations arise as well as the potential to solve complex challenges together. Through ReproUnion’s innovation platform, the industry will gain access to cutting-edge expertise and research infrastructure, adding to the overall competitiveness of the industry. The partnership also expects that the new entrepreneurial setting will inspire the utilization of public research in patents and future spin-outs. Overall, the collaboration will contribute to increased innovation, through new and more patient-centered methods, which at the same time contributes to a more efficient healthcare in the Øresund region.

The total budget for the ReproUnion Innovation Platform project (2023-2026) is EUR 6.7 and is partly financed by EU Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak. Partners in the project include Region Skåne, Region Hovedstaden, Lund University, Malmö University, University of Copenhagen, LU Holding, Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Medicon Valley Alliance. The administrative management/secretarial function is with MVA.

To find out more visit and read the news ReproUnion receives EUR 6.7 million to establish an innovation platform in the fight against infertility.

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