Medicon Valley Alliance Microbiome Network

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Sofia Norås

Sofia Norås

Project Manager

+45 2337 0040

Welcome to MVA Microbiome Network!

The Microbiome network is a professional network for Medicon Valley Alliance members from industry, academia and health care sector with interest in the Microbiome field, including drug discovery, nutrition and probiotic development.

The network was created as a consequence of the Medicon Valley Microbiome Summit 2017, in cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark, Lund University, University of Copenhagen, Novo Nordisk and Medicon Valley Alliance to advance the growing interest in microbiome science in Medicon Valley.

 The ambition of the network is to focus on collaborative approaches for researchers from the industry, academia, and hospital sector as well as to showcase the highly competitive edge of the Medicon Valley region

Joining the network is free of charge for Medicon Valley Alliance members interested in gaining new insights, sharing experiences and networking with likeminded organisations.

Non-member organisations and companies are welcome to attend one network event to evaluate membership.

The Microbiome network’s activities are planned and carried out by Medicon Valley Alliance in close collaboration with the network’s steering group consisting of Lund University, University of Copenhagen and the company Union Therapeutics.

Interested to learn more about the MVA Microbiome Network? Please contact Sofia Norås:


Look here for a list of all MVA Microbiome Network events.


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