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David Munis Zepernick

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Medicon Valley Alliance chairman, Søren Bregenholt, wishes CEO, Petter Hartman ”Godspeed”

Following the public announcement earlier this week that Medicon Valley Alliance´s CEO since 2016, Petter Hartman, will take up a new position as CEO of Medicon Village Innovation no later than 1st of November, Medicon Valley Alliance chairman, Søren Bregenholt, who has been chairing the board since 2015, would like to wish him “Godspeed” and thank him for a dedicated, professional, and successful effort. “On behalf of the MVA Board of Directors I would like to thank Petter Hartman, who...

The ReproUnion project figures in several agenda-setting articles about male infertility

A key succes criteria for the ReproUnion project is to raise awaress to the challenges related to infertility and their root causes, create the best possible conditions for life science research and innovation and help develop the best care with the most modern assisted reproductive technologies to all patients in the region. Recently, the ReproUnion has been involved in a number of articles in Danish and Swedish media about male infertility, the new RUBIC-study and the new Danish-Swedish...

“The national Danish life science strategy fails to embrace regional Danish-Swedish cluster collaboration” says MVA chairman of the board, Søren Bregenholt, in Medwatch interview

The new updated national Danish life science strategy is a step forward in many ways. But despite the proximity to the Øresund Bridge and despite the fact that the strategy has been negotiated and finalized in the heart of Medicon Valley, the leading life science cluster of the Nordics, the strategy fails to embrace the regional and bi-national Danish-Swedish perspective. Hopefully, we can remedy the situation in the implementation phase, say Medicon Valley Alliance chairman, Søren Bregenholt,...

“The Øresund region is the go-to place for developing innovative life science companies” – interview with MVA CEO, Petter Hartman, published Monday

Monday´s edition of Svenska Dagbladet, included a special magazine called "Innovative Companies". Among the must-read articles (see page 6) is an interview with MVA CEO, Petter Hartman, the attractiveness of the region as documented in the Interreg co-funded Greater Copenhagen Life Science Analysis Initiative and how the bi-national life science cluster contributes to strengthening the global competitiveness of Swedish life science in general and life science in Skåne in particular.

“An Oresund-treaty is needed” opinion piece in Danish daily, Berlingske, by MP, Bertel Haarder (V), former Minister AND keynote speaker at MVA´s New Year´s Reception

In an opinion piece in Danish daily, Berlingske, published Sunday the 16th of May, liberal MP and former Minister, Bertel Haarder, who is a long-term supporter of increased Danish-Swedish and Nordic collaboration, argues convincingly that an "Oresund-treaty" could be a way to stabilize and develop the framework for Danish-Swedish regional integration and facilitate commuting between our two countries to the benefit of both. The resulting upside for any ambition to strengthen life science in...

Life Science Sweden highlights the 10 years anniversary of “The Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science”

In today´s article in Life Science Sweden, we celebrate the 10 years anniversary of  the conference "The Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science". Medicon Valley Alliance has been along all the way working as co-organizer, speaker and moderator, and we strongly encourage you to register for this year´s conference as well and grap the opportunity to actually meet face-to-face with the Danish-Swedish life science eco-system once again.

Visit or revisit the inspiring sessions from the Greater Copenhagen Microbiome Summit 22nd of April, 2021

Medicon Valley Alliance and our partners in the Greater Copenhagen Microbiome Signature Project, Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Skåne would like to thank the many excellent speakers and MVA-member companies, our project sponsors from Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak, and participants from more than 60 countries, who all contributed to making the Greater Copenhagen Microbiome Summit such an inspiring event and really helped put the Medicon Valley life science cluster on the map when it...

The national Danish life science strategy and the need to integrate the Medicon Valley perspective

Friday last week, the Danish Government launched the new 2.0 version of the national Danish life science strategy. It has generally been well received, although some patient organizations have complained about the lack of patient focus. Surprisingly, neither the Nordic nor the Medicon Valley perspective has been strategically included, but that can be dealt with in the implementation phase. Today Danish daily, Berlingske, is all about life science with a special 48-page life science magazine...

Medicon Valley Alliance’s chairmanship re-elected

At this year´s ordinary general meeting Monday 12th of April, both MVA chairman, and future CEO of Alligator Bioscience, Søren Bregenholt (photo), and MVA vice chairman and CEO of Medeon Science Park, Ulf G. Andersson, were re-elected. “I am very happy that our members have entrusted me with a new term as chairman, and I look forward to continuing working closely with the Board at these crucial times for Medicon Valley. We have a national Danish life science strategy coming up shortly and it´s...