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Event Policy

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Mia Ritterband-Rosenbaum

Mia Ritterband-Rosenbaum

Event Manager & PA to CEO

+45 21 63 38 88

Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) brings together Danish and Swedish representatives from across our membership base at our events. We organize approximately 30 events each year, which give our members a platform to exchange knowledge, network and learn from other life science colleagues in Medicon Valley.

Our events are exclusive platforms for MVA members. When you support Medicon Valley by becoming a member of Medicon Valley Alliance, we give you several advantages. Almost all MVA events are free of charge for members. We have also negotiated a number of great deals for our members and we strive to increase the global attractiveness and competitiveness of Medicon Valley for our members.

When you support MVA through your membership, we want you to participate in our events. As a member of MVA your whole organization/company can participate in our events. If you are considering an MVA membership, we would be glad to see you at one of our events and we are very interested in presenting MVA and or activities for potential new members. Therefore, non-members are welcome to register one participant at one of our events at the same rate as MVA members before deciding whether to become a member of MVA or not. Companies or organizations deciding to remain non-members may hence not continue participating in our events and activities after this one trial.

Previous members of MVA are also welcome to participate at our events, but only by joining MVA again as a member. If your MVA membership ended more than three years ago, you are considered a non-member.

We hope to see you at our events as members. Become a member of MVA here.

If you have any questions regarding our events or the event policy, please reach out!