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Medicon Valley Alliance Oncology Network

Contact person

Katrine Brems Olsen

Katrine Brems Olsen

Network & Event Manager

+45 2337 0040

Welcome to MVA Oncology Network!

MVA Oncology Network is a professional and social network within oncology initiated by prof. and entrepreneur  Nils Brünner (University of Copenhagen) and prof. and entrepreneur Carl Borrebaeck, (Lund University).


  • strengthen collaboration, networking and knowledge-sharing within the region’s oncology ecosystem
  • bring together industry, academia and healthcare to stimulate commercialization and growth

The network focuses on best practice, experience and current challenges for public-private collaboration and the commercialization of oncology related R&D in the Medicon Valley region.

The network consists of professors, PI and corporate level executives from the regional oncology eco-system.


The network meets twice a year and with agendas to be decided on an ongoing basis by the network participants. As a rule, the meetings will be hosted by the members of the network, and on special occasions by Medicon Valley Alliance. It is the ambition that the meetings will be hosted evenly on Danish and Swedish venues.

The network

Joining the network events is free of charge and is limited to Medicon Valley Alliance members only. 

Want to know more about the MVA Oncology Network? Please contact Katrine Brems Olsen:


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