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Date:05 May
Time:16:00 - 17:00

MVA Inspirational Webinar Series – Drive organizational growth through regulatory compliance and beyond

Keep up with transparency trends and leverage disclosure data for patient engagement and recruitment

While the complexity and costs of clinical trial transparency regulations continue to increase, there are growing opportunities to leverage investments in disclosure compliance. Understanding the requirements and trends helps identify opportunities to reuse the disclosure data beyond submissions to regulatory authorities and generate significant value to the organization and patient communities.

In this webinar, hosted by Informa Pharma Intelligence, experts from TrialScope will provide an overview of trial disclosure trends and discuss opportunities for patient engagement and recruitment in part based on the reuse of disclosure data.

Date: Wednesday May 5th 2021
Time: 16:00 – 17:00 CET/ 15:00 – 16:00 BST
Venue: Online

Recording from the webinar:

You will gain insight into

  • Clinical Trial disclosure regulations and trends
  • Strategies for improving disclosure efficiency and driving benefits from a position of strength
  • The start of health authority inspections and the reputational impact of non-compliance
  • Reusing and reformatting disclosure data for patient engagement with intuitive clinical trial finder websites
  • New approaches to trial recruitment that leverage disclosure data



15.50-16.00 Online platform open for registering participants
16.00-16.05 Welcome
David Munis Zepernick, Head of Business Development and Public Affairs, Medicon Valley Alliance
Gavin Steele, Business Development Manager, Informa Pharma Intelligence
16.05-16.25 Overview of Disclosure Trends
Thomas Wicks, CSO, Informa Pharma Intelligence
16.25-16.45 Opportunities for Patient Engagement and Recruiting
Elizabeth D’Amato, Director, Clinical Solutions, Informa Pharma Intelligence
16.45-17.00 Discussion and Q&A



Elizabeth D’Amato
Director, Clinical Solutions
Informa Pharma Intelligence

Thomas Wicks
Informa Pharma Intelligence


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