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Date:27 May
Time:12:30 - 16:30
Venue:Medicon Valley Alliance, Copenhagen


Contact person
Katrine Brems Olsen

Katrine Brems Olsen

Network & Event Manager

+45 2337 0040

From academic discoveries to gut microbiome innovations

During the last two decades, the gut microbiome has emerged as an important contributor to human health and a new generation of solutions targeted the gut has started to emerge.

Reflecting on the challenges faced a decade or more ago, wherein scientists and companies struggled to provide sufficient scientific evidence for their probiotic products to obtain health claims from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), prompts us to glean valuable lessons from history.

How can we apply these lessons learned to chart a course for the future to ensure that gut microbiome research in academia and industry can lead to tangible improvements in human health? This question remains paramount as we navigate the complexities of this dynamic field and endeavor to realize the full potential of gut microbiome science in enhancing human health.

Date: 27th Maj 2024
Time: 12.30 – 16.30
Venue: Medicon Valley Alliance, HUB3, Arne Jacobsens Allé 13, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark – Auditorium



12.30 Registration, networking & sandwiches
13:00 Welcome
Anette Steenberg, CEO, Medicon Valley Alliance
Associate Professor Henrik Munch Roager and Professor Dennis Nielsen, University of Copenhagen
13:10 The history of EFSA health claims and probiotics
Professor Inge Tetens, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen
13:35  Devices for gut delivery and sampling
Professor Anja Boisen, Department of Health Technology, Technical University of Denmark
14:00 From Concept to Product: The Journey of Next-Generation Probiotics with Faecalibacterium prausnitzii and Desulfovibrio piger
Tanweer Khan, Senior Scientist, MetaboGen AB / Biogaia AB/ Wallenberg Laboratory, University of Gothenberg
14:30 Binding Proteins – research-based functional food ingredients
Sandra Wingaard Thrane Co-Founder and CSO, Bactolife
14:50 Coffee, cake and networking
15:20  Application of omics analysis for microbiome innovations
Eline Klaassens, Product Manager Human Microbiome, BaseClear
15:40 Panel debate: Lessons learned – from academic discoveries to gut microbiome innovations
Moderated by Professor Karsten Kristiansen, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen
16:00 Networking with speakers and participants
16:30 End of meeting



Inge Tetens is professor at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise, and Sports, University of Copenhagen and Deputy Head of Department for Research. Her research centers on sustainable nutrition and health, particularly in supporting healthy ageing through sustainable diets. Inge’s contributions to public health nutrition include work on Food-based Dietary Guidelines and Dietary Reference Values. She served on the EFSA Nutrition Panel from 2007 to 2015 where she was member of the Health Claims Working Group.
Anja Boisen is a professor and Head of a Centre of Excellence at the department of Health Technology at the Technical University of Denmark. Anja has thorough knowledge on micromechanics and nanotechnology. Her research group focuses on the development and application of micro- and nanosensors as well as microsystems for drug delivery.Anja is member of the board of the Leo Foundation, the board of the Villum Foundation, the Danish Academy of the Technical Sciences and the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences.
Tanweer Khan is a microbiologist with 15 years of gut microbiota research experience, known for discoveries like ‘the gas tube’ and the Simulated Human Intestinal Redox Model (SHRIM). He founded Metabogen, Roxbiosens, and Implexion Pharma, focusing on probiotic development and clinical trials. His recent publication in Nature on Extremely Oxygen-Sensitive (EOS) probiotics marks a significant advancement in the field.
Sandra Wingaard Thrane is the Co-founder and CSO of Bactolife A/S, a biotech scale-up developing a new category of functional food ingredients; Binding Proteins. Bactolife take a unique approach to worldwide health for the greater good of humans and animals by making breakthrough Binding Proteins accessible to all. Sandra has a background as a M.Sc.Eng. Biotechnology and Ph.D. Molecular Medical Microbiology from the Technical University of Denmark having studied host-microbe interactions and bacterial adaptive evolution using bacterial genomics. Today she leads the Bactolife research organization, guiding product discovery and qualification in the interplay with the gut microbiome.
Eline Klaassens has a PhD in Microbial Eco-physiology of the Human Intestinal Tract from Wageningen University, and specializes in human microbiome analysis. Her research spans diverse omics tools, focusing on bifidobacteria functionality, IBD, colon cancer, and the microbiome’s role in metabolic disease. As Product Manager Human Health at BaseClear, she leads the development of new products and services utilizing next-generation sequencing techniques for clinical microbiome projects, aiming to advance understanding and application for a healthy future.
Karsten Kristiansen is a Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Copenhagen and also holds positions at BGI-Research in Shenzhen, China, and the Institute of Metagenomics in Qingdao, China. His research focuses on understanding how nutrients, the host genome, immune system, and gut microbiota interact, particularly in relation to inflammation and obesity. Notable projects include coordinating the Danish Pangenome Project and leading research on brain-gut microbiota interactions and the development of soil-borne bacteria as bio-pesticides.


Deadline for registration is 23 May 2024

The seminar is arranged in a collaboration between Copenhagen Gut Microbiome Hub and Medicon Valley Alliance Microbiome Network with funding contribution from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Copenhagen Gut Microbiome Hub brings together the region’s leading scientists, researchers and industry professionals dedicated to leverage the gut microbiome to improve health.

The MVA Microbiome Network is a professional network for Medicon Valley Alliance members from industry, academia and health care sector with interest in the Microbiome field, including drug discovery, nutrition and probiotic development. Joining the network is free of charge but is limited to Medicon Valley Alliance members. However, non-member organizations and companies are welcome to attend one network event to evaluate if joining the network is relevant. If so, becoming a member of Medicon Valley Alliance will automatically allow you to join the microbiome network.

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