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Date:18 Apr
Time: 08:00 to 09:30
Venue:COBIS Science Park, Copenhagen, Denmark

Good Morning Meeting: Improving Cell Based Assays Through Viral Vector Technology

18 April 2013 / Copenhagen / Denmark (08:00 – 09:30)
Requirements for cell based assays have induced a rapid development of novel cell models. To improve the effectiveness of target research and compound development the use of patient or stem cell-derived cell models is becoming increasingly important. SIRION Biotech specializes in viral vector technology and provides sophisticated cell modeling.
Experience how viral vector technology can enable you to generate primary cell-based models with homogenous gene expression for high content screening or phenotypic analysis. Combined with a unique RNAi technology and expertise in cell culture SIRION Biotech offers access to in depth functional gene analysis.
Venue: COBIS Science Park, Copenhagen
Registration 08.00-08.30
Presentation 08.30-09.30
About SIRION Biotech
Since 2006 SIRION Biotech has established itself as Europe’s most comprehensive virus vector driven platform for genetic cell modeling. SIRION Biotech nurtures relations with clients in both academia and industry. It has proven its reliability through the successful completion of hundreds of projects. With clients in Europe, the USA and Japan, SIRION Biotech underlines its drive towards global recognition in the research community.

Dr. Christian Thirion
Chief Technology Officer, Founder Of Sirion-BiotechDr. Thirion holds a Ph.D. from the Munich Gene Center since 2004, where he conducted novel research on adenoviral vector technology and viral gene therapy. Since the founding of Sirion Biotech, Dr. Thirion has worked on cell modeling projects for more than 100 clients, shortening pre-clinical cycles in drug and related compound discovery.
Dr. Kathrin Schmitt
Director, Sales & Marketing at Sirion BiotechKathrin has scientific experience for many years in the fields of functional gene analysis and RNAi.During her PhD at the “Theodor-Boveri-Institute for life science” in Würzburg she investigated molecular pathways with an emphasis on cell cycle regulation. She has been specializing in developing genetically modified cell models using both viral vector technologies and RNAi.

For more information, please contact
Dr. Kathrin Schmitt
Director, Sales & Marketing
+49 89 700 961 99 13