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Date:23 Nov
Time:14:00 - 18:00
Venue:Medicon Valley Alliance, HUB2, Copenhagen


Contact person
Katrine Brems Olsen

Katrine Brems Olsen

Network & Event Manager

+45 2337 0040

The Future of Microbiomes – Gut and Beyond 

While much research has focused on the gut microbiome, there is growing interest and recognition that microbiomes in other parts of the body also play crucial roles in human health. At the MVA Microbiome Network meeting we will look into the future of health innovations mediated by the gut, skin, vaginal, and oral microbiomes.

The future of gut microbiome research holds great promise, as scientists uncover its vital role in overall health. Personalized microbiome therapies and dietary interventions are on the horizon, offering potential solutions for a wide range of health issues. Understanding and harnessing the power of our gut bacteria could revolutionize medicine and well-being.

Also the skin microbiome as gained attention for its role in human health. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and its microbiome has impact on overall skin health, immune function, and even conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Future research may uncover ways to manipulate the skin microbiome to treat these conditions and improve overall skin health.

The vaginal microbiome has a profound impact on women’s health, influencing susceptibility to infections, pregnancy outcomes, and even conditions like bacterial vaginosis. Future research may lead to interventions that help maintain and restore health in women represent half of the human population.

Moreover, the oral cavity contains a diverse microbiome that is essential for oral health. Research is ongoing to understand how the oral microbiome influences conditions like periodontal disease, dental caries, and even systemic health issues such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

In summary, the future of microbiome research is extending well beyond the gut and into various other areas of the human body. This expanding knowledge could revolutionize our approach to healthcare, leading to more personalized and effective treatments and interventions for a wide range of health conditions.

Date: Thursday, 23rd November, 2023
Time: 14:00 – 18:00
Venue: Medicon Valley Alliance, HUB2, Arne Jacobsens Allé 13, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark – Auditorium


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14:00 Arrival, registration & networking
Katrine Brems Olsen, Network Manager, Medicon Valley Alliance
14:35 Behind the scene of Pylopass – a postbiotic solution to the global H. pylori challenge
Emilie Glad Bak, Novozymes OneHealth
14:55 Modulation of the Skin Microbiome to promote skin health – Our learnings
Johanna Gillbro, Skinome
15:15 Networking and coffee break
15:45 Microbial immunotherapies for women’s health
Elleke Bosma, Director Microbiome Research, Freya Biosciences 
16:05 The oral microbiome in health and disease
Julia Davies, Prodean, Professor of Oral Biology, Malmö University
16:25 Q&A and panel conversation with the speakers
Moderated by Sünje Johanna Pamp, Executive Assistant to Vice President in R&D, Novozymes
17:15 Networking and light snack
18:00 End of meeting



Emilie Glad Bak, Ph.D., is a microbiome researcher specializing in human gut microbiomes and viromes, with a rich background from the Arumugam lab at CBMR. Currently spearheading innovation in the Protective Health area at Novozymes OneHealth, Emilie innovates food supplements and nutraceuticals from early to late-stage in close collaboration with the organization. Her strategic vision and dedication to both science and business mark her as a dynamic force at the intersection of microbiome research and innovative biosolutions.
Johanna Gillbro (PhD) is a scientist, entrepreneur and author and has more than 20 years of experience in experimental dermatology, clinical research, microbiome research as well as skincare product development.
Upon publication in April, 2019, her book The Scandinavian Skincare Bible (Hudbibeln- SE) went straight to the bestseller lists at all major retailers in Sweden.
Moreover, she is the founder of, a skincare company dedicated to enhancing skin health through the modulation of the skin microbiome.
Elleke Bosma is Director Microbiome Research at Freya Biosciences. She has >12 years of experience in microbiology including molecular biology, metabolism, and genetics, with a focus on a variety of bacilli and lactobacilli. Within these fields, she obtained her PhD at Wageningen University (NL), performed postdoctoral research at Wageningen University and DTU (DK) and worked in R&D at Chr. Hansen (DK). Elleke joined Freya Biosciences at the founding of the company and has been the primary responsible for all laboratory and research activities.
Julia Davies is Professor of Oral Biology at the Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University. Her laboratory-based and clinical research is focused on the role of multi-species microbial biofilms (dental plaque) in development of the oral diseases; caries (tooth decay) and periodontitis (gum disease). Her main interests are the role of oral streptococcal adhesins in early biofilm formation, adaptation in oral bacteria in response to interactions with salivary proteins and the development of virulence properties in biofilms in periodontitis and infections associated with dental implants (peri-implantitis). She has established collaborations with both National and International research groups as well as industrial partners.


Deadline for registration is 20th November. 


The Network

The MVA Microbiome Network is a professional network for Medicon Valley Alliance members from industry, academia and health care sector with interest in the Microbiome field, including drug discovery, nutrition and probiotic development. Joining the network is free of charge but is limited to Medicon Valley Alliance members. However, non-member organizations and companies are welcome to attend one network event to evaluate if joining the network is relevant. If so, becoming a member of Medicon Valley Alliance will automatically allow you to join the microbiome network.

For more information please contact Katrine Brems Olsen