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Date:02 Nov
Time:4.00 PM CET

The Developability Classification System for Poorly Soluble Drug Formulation Strategies

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the developability classification system (DCS) emerged from the well-established biopharmaceutics classification system (BCS)
  • How the DCS can distinguish between solubility and dissolution limited compounds
  • How particle size reduction and wetting agents can enhance dissolution of DCS IIa compounds
  • How solid-state modification can enhance solubility of DCS IIb compounds

The developability classification system (DCS) was proposed as a modification of the BCS to assist in formulation of poorly soluble compounds. The DCS introduced two new compound categories: dissolution limited (DCS IIa) and solubility limited (DCS IIb). For DCS IIa molecules, particle size reduction and wetting agents can be considered. For DCS IIb compounds, solid state modification can be utilized. Tune in to our webinar on the developability classification system to learn more about this emerging field of research, which is allows more targeted and optimized formulation development of poorly soluble compounds.

Dr. Daniel Joseph Price is a strategic marketing manager for our portfolio of solubility enhancement excipients. Prior to his current role, Daniel was a Marie Curie Fellow conducting research on solubility enhancement with amorphous formulations. Daniel is an active member of several academia/industrial consortia on the topics of innovation in oral solid dosage forms, and has published extensively on the topic in peer reviewed journals. Daniel has a bachelor and masters degrees in chemistry from the University of Leeds, and a PhD in pharmaceutical technology from Frankfurt Goethe University.


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