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Date:19 May
Time:9:00 - 10:30

MVA Inspirational Webinar Series – Drug discovery; considerations moving your medicine from idea to clinical trial

Discovering and characterizing novel drug candidates for preclinical development depends on innovative and reliable science.

Charles River’s unique combination of integrated, multidisciplinary drug discovery expertise and unparalleled scope of capabilities in targets, platforms, and therapeutic areas allow us to deliver depth and breadth in science with data and insight you can trust to progress your drug discovery programs all the way from early discovery to IND.

Date: Wednesday, 19th May 2021
Time: 9:00 – 10:30
Venue: Online






8:50 Online platform open for registering participants
9:00 Welcome by Medicon Valley Alliance
David Munis Zepernick, Head of Business Development and Public Affairs, Medicon Valley Alliance
9:05 Introduction
Kim Dekermendjian, Associated Business Development Director – Discovery Services Scandinavia
9:10 Integrated Drug Discovery – A faster route to Preclinical Candidates
Chris Hurley, Director of Client Services, Discovery UK
9:45 Getting from Candidate to Clinical Trial
Keith Sutton, Scientific Advisor, Charles River
10:20 Q&A 
10:30 End of webinar




Chris Hurley, Director of Client Services, Discovery UK
Chris has 18 years of experience within the drug discovery industry and contract research sector, including as Director of Chemistry at Charles River Laboratories in Harlow, United Kingdom. Chris has led or overseen multi-disciplinary teams through the integrated drug discovery process providing strategic oversight from hit-identification to lead optimisation and pre-clinical candidate selection which has resulted in 8 pre-clinical candidates with 3 compounds progressing to the clinic. Chris also co-invented a targeted delivery system for genetic material to cells which has now been commercialised. Chris received his MSci degree in Medicinal Chemistry from UCL in 1999 and his Ph.D. in Organic and Biological Chemistry from UCL in 2003. He has published 25 papers and abstracts, and been named inventor on over 25 patents.
Keith Sutton, Scientific Advisor, Charles River
Keith Sutton is a member of the Scientific Advisory Services team at Charles River. He has a scientific background in Molecular Biology, Immunology and Physiology. He has been with CRL for 5 years with a focus is on Advanced Therapeutics and Biologics.


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