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People living with an ileostomy have a significantly decreased quality of life. Living with an ileostomy and wearing an ostomy pouch is often associated with complications such as peristomal skin ulceration, leakage, odor, clothing incompatibilities, physical limitations due to the ostomy pouch and psychological effects of not being able to control the emptying of bowels and living with a changed body image.

In Ampa Medical, we have developed an alternative solution to the ostomy bag to provide users with a normalized life while having an ileostomy. We expect to give users full or partly freedom from the ostomy bag and avoid the potential associated physical and mental problems.

Ampa medical is founded by two clinicians, a medical doctor and a nurse. Meeting people who are challenged by living with an ileostomy, combined with an entrepreneurial mindset has given us a vision to change the lives of people living with ileostomies for the better.