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Danish Diabetes Academy

MVA Members

The DDA is a networking and educational platform funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Its mission is to educate and train the next generation of researchers in the field of diabetes.

The overall objectives of the DDA are to:

  • Strengthen the research training available to PhD students and postdocs within the field of diabetes, in collaboration with academia, hospitals and the life-science industry.
  • Serve as a national hub within diabetes, unifying academia, hospitals and the life-science industry in Denmark to strengthen educational activities and talent development within the area
  • Recruit outstanding national and international PhD students, postdocs and visiting professors within the field of diabetes, in open and free competition

In collaboration with national and international universities and the life-science industry in Denmark, the DDA will organise up to 20 annual educational activities and 10 annual networking events and allocate a number of grants for PhD scholarships and postdoc fellowships including industrial PhD scholarships and industrial postdoc fellowships.

The DDA is always pleased to invite new stakeholders into the community. At their website, you can join the DDA or sign up for the monthly newsletter.