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Iconovo brings inhalation expertise to pharmaceutical companies.

Development of inhalation devices requires both a device technology platform and formulation expertise which Iconovo offers for a a global market, both for novel and generic pharmaceuticals. The time the engineers and pharmaceutical experts already have invested in the inhaler platforms at Iconovo, reduces development risk and shortens time to market. There are four dry powder inhaler solutions based on four proprietary differentiated technical platforms from which pharmaceutical companies develop unique inhaler products in close collaboration with Iconovo. Iconovo has significant experience and expertise in developing inhaler products together with pharmaceutical companies. International generic drug companies and pharmaceutical companies that lack the expertise, resources and/or time to develop inhaled products themselves collaborate with Iconovo.

The platforms are :
ICOres – Flexible multi-dose dry powder inhaler with feedback features
ICOcap – Uniquely designed capsule based dry powder inhaler, available from Stevanato
ICOpre – Pre-metered dry powder inhaler for simple, once-daily treatment
ICOone and ICOone Nasal: Single-dose disposable dry powder inhaler for discreet use, with an adaption for nasal inhalation

Iconovo is based in Lund, Sweden.