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Leymus Genomics

Business Service Providers

Leymus Genomics offers industry leading products and services for genomic analyses (NGS) for the Nordic countries and Germany. We are based in Copenhagen and founded and operated by employees coming from the NGS and Diagnostic industry. Our core business areas: NGS and Microarray service lab. We run samples in partnership with GenomeScan; ISO/IEC 17025 accredited leader in DNA analysis from sample to bioinformatics report. Illumina, PacBio and 10X platform validated service, industry leading turnaround time down to one week, and price competitive. Assays include transcriptomics, epigenetics, single cell sequencing, whole exome and full genome sequencing.

Large scale on site data storage for HPC
We offer data storage in partnership with DDN. Approximately half of all large genomics centres globally use Data Direct Networks (DDN) as their main data storage provider for sequencing applications, genomic pipelines and data collaboration solutions. We also provide large scale data storage for big data microscopy and systems biology.

Next Generation Sequencing library preparation
Leymus Genomics works with the company BioDynami, focusing on high-quality libraries, with industry leading short and simple library preparation time, minimizing hands on time.