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MVA Members

Den Danske Dyrelægeforening

MVA Members

The Danish Veterinary Association (DVA) is a professional organization for all veterinarians in Denmark. The DVA embraces all kinds of veterinarians; e.g. practitioners, state veterinary officers, food hygienists, researchers, educators, veterinarians in the private sector, students and retired veterinarians. In total approximately 90 percent of all veterinarians in Denmark are members of the DVA. The union has approximately 4.000 members – hence approximately 2.500 are active.

Lately, more and more of DVAs members have been employed in the pharmaceutical industry. Here veterinarians are involved in the safety assessment of new drugs. Typically in the pre-clinical area as tolxicologists. But veterinarians are also employed as medical writers, data scientists, within pharmacovigilance etc.

DVA has 7 sections each responsible for their specific area. Section “Biomedicine” embraces all veterinarians employed in research and industry. The chairman is Anders Permin and the co-chair is Ida Thøfner.