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Truly Labs

Contract Research Organisation

Truly Labs is a preclinical CRO providing tailor-made in vitro and in vivo services. Our services span from biomarker analysis to fully integrated pharmacology programs.The in vivo team can support you with e.g. pharmacokinetic (PK) studies and customized efficacy (PD) models, PK/PD relationships and dose predictions, as well as in vivo imaging and state of the art inhalation services. Our in vitro capabilities include a wide range of cell-based assays, including Mode-of-Action and efficacy assays, biomarker analysis, genotyping, and proteomics.

We are flexible, committed and accommodate our customers’ needs. Some use Truly Labs as their internal lab while others benefit from our capabilities in specific studies.Study design, performance, data evaluation, and reporting – with extensive knowledge and experience in drug development we can support the progression of your projects.