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Call for HALRIC cross-border research and innovation pilot project proposals. Deadline 8th of June!

MVA is happy to announce that the first call for HALRIC pilot projects is now open until the 8th of June 2023! The aim is to connect and increase the use of research infrastructures and expertise in the Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak-Hamburg (ÖKS-Hamburg) region.

The project consortia welcomes applications from industry, clinics, and academia who have a research and/or innovation question within Life Science that would require the use of minimum one research infrastructure in the ÖKS-Hamburg region. We also encourage stakeholders from outside the partnership to apply, but the financial support has to be awarded to eligible HALRIC partner organizations. You can reach out to a HALRIC Cross-Border Ambassador to find a suitable match if you are interested to apply!

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