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ACCESS Medicon Valley

– A communications and marketing strategy for Medicon Valley

Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) exists to make Medicon Valley an attractive destination for the best talent within life science. To ensure that life science talents and key opinion makers are aware of Medicon Valley “power of particularity”, a communications and marketing strategy has been developed as part of the Medicon Valley Beacon Initiative.

The strategy is based on through analysis and dialogue with more than 30 key stakeholders in- and outside Medicon Valley, as well as on four identified strongholds in the region, the so called Medicon Valley Beacons.

Our hope is that the strategy´s content will be adopted by key stakeholders and serve as a basis for a stronger Medicon Valley brand in the future. When regional and international key opinion makers, stakeholders and decision makers think of Medicon Valley, they should think in terms of “ACCESS”.

The Medicon Valley cluster provides access to a rich life science ecosystem in which there is access to a strong life science industry and research environment, the Scandinavian life style, an open-minded and culturally accessible society and infrastructure that provides you with easy access to the region, Europe and the rest of the world.

Download communications and marketing strategy here.

Download PowerPoint slides about the Medicon Valley Beacons and view them here below