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The KADABRA project

In order to strengthen Medicon Valley’s position in the global competition for talent and capital, the region needs to make full use of its competitive advantages. One such advantage is the comprehensive Swedish and Danish health data registries that can be pooled and the possibility to link data between the registries by using the unique social security numbers that exist in the two countries.

The KADABRA (KArtlägning av DAtakällor och register inom BRöstcancerområdet samt barriärer vid Använding) project will thus investigate how to combine Danish and Swedish data sources and health registries. It will map available data sources within breast cancer including barriers to access and coordinate these data sources. The project will result in a set of concrete proposals on how to coordinate and provide access to data. It will also suggest actions to overcome these barriers. The project focuses on breast cancer in order to reduce the complexity of the project and to build on regional strongholds. However, the idea is that the findings would be applicable on other therapeutic areas at a later stage.

The KADABRA project complements the Medicon Valley Beacons, especially the immune regulation and systems biology Beacons, which will benefit from better coordination of and improved access to data registries in Medicon Valley.

The project period runs from November 2013-October 2014 and is co-financed by the EU Interreg Programme, Region Skåne and the Capital Region of Denmark.


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