3 Q&A interview with Business Director, Anna Holmberg, SDS Life Science in Lund

Apr 9, 2021

Among our recent new member companies are SDS Life Science in Lund. We used the opportunity to ask their Business Director, Anna Holmberg, a few questions about their ambitions in the region and why they have chosen to open an office here and now.

1) SDS Life Science opens an office at Medicon Village in Lund. Why do you choose to establish yourself in the Medicon Valley region?

The Medicon Valley region is an exciting region with a fast-growing life science sector. In Skåne there are more than 400 life science companies. SDS are consultants in Drug Development, Device Development, Regulatory, Clinical Project Management and Biostatistics and we support small and medium-sized companies in their development programs. We have several clients in the region and are happy that we now are closer to them and can offer better support. Since half of the life science companies in Skåne are located in science parks we have chosen to locate our office at Medicon Village in Lund.

2) What difference can SDS Life Science make for the life science companies in the Medicon Valley region?

Our ambition is to guide our clients in transforming their research hypotheses into full clinical studies. SDS offers individual consultants or a team of experts who can be part of a company’s development organization. With the help of SDS experts, small and medium-sized companies can build a development team in the same way as “big pharma” but in a more flexible and cost-effective way.

We provide expert advice on formulation development, planning of both clinical and non-clinical programs, as well as medicinal product development. Our experienced project managers can provide all the required support and oversight of activities for the development program, including writing the protocols and technical documentation.

In order to navigate safe passage through the vast sea of regulatory requirements, you need a map, a compass and most of all an experienced team behind you. SDS are experts in writing high quality documents that meet the authorities’ standards and we prepare and execute meetings with the authorities such as EMA, FDA, CDE in China and the PMDA in Japan.

3) What do you see as the key strengths of the Medicon Valley life science cluster?

MVA is a great and professional networking organisation that facilitates the interactions between the life science sectors in Denmark and Sweden in a fantastic and fruitful way. One of MVA’s key strengths is to identify strong areas in the region and to connect players with common interests. We look forward to participating in the Medtech network and the R&D network

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