Medicon Valley Alliance’s chairmanship re-elected

Apr 12, 2021

At this year´s ordinary general meeting Monday 12th of April, both MVA chairman, and future CEO of Alligator Bioscience, Søren Bregenholt (photo), and MVA vice chairman and CEO of Medeon Science Park, Ulf G. Andersson, were re-elected.

“I am very happy that our members have entrusted me with a new term as chairman, and I look forward to continuing working closely with the Board at these crucial times for Medicon Valley. We have a national Danish life science strategy coming up shortly and it´s more important than ever that we make sure that Medicon Valley contributes actively, nationally and regionally, by ensuring that we leverage the talents, competencies and synergies of the life science community in Denmark and Southern Sweden – only then will we be able to lift the Region up to a truly recognized international life science cluster” says chairman Søren Bregenholt.

“As demonstrated by the recently published analysis, Life Science in Skåne 2020, Region Skåne is increasingly becoming the bridge between Danish and Swedish life science and a force to be reckoned with, when dealing with national life science strategies in both countries. As vice chairman I am happy to be able to continue working to realize the full potential of the Medicon Valley life science cluster and help position Medicon Valley as an attractive destination for life science” says Ulf G. Andersson,

In addition to the re-elected chairmanship the of Medicon Valley Alliance Board of Directors consists of  Trine Winterø, University of Copenhagen, Kristina Åkesson, Lund University, Thomas Arnebrant, Malmö University, Daniel Kronmann, Region Skåne, Anders Lundbergh, Capital Region of Denmark, Anette Østergaard, Ferring Pharmaceuticalsa and, Linn Mandahl, AbbVie Scandinavia.


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