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About MVA

Medicon Valley

Medicon Valley is the bi-national life science cluster spanning Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden.

Medicon Valley is the crucible of Scandinavian life sciences. Located at the gateway to Denmark and Sweden it has a vibrant life science ecosystem and deep talent pool underpinned by world-class universities and research infrastructure.

Set in a competitive business environment with the Scandinavian quality of life close at hand, Medicon Valley is an attractive location for both business and people.

Scandinavian innovation is globally recognized and our life sciences reflect this. Within Medicon Valley we have a rich life science heritage and pioneering spirit that continues to attract many successful companies. Companies like Ferring, Genmab, Baxter Gambro, GN Hearing, Novozymes and Chr. Hansen are representative, but so too are the many smaller and medium-sized innovative Danish and Swedish life science companies who continue to energise the area. Many of them choose to become members of the regional network organization Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) and help strengthen the regional life science cluster.

Not all companies are (yet) members, so for an overall view, we strongly recommend you visit the Medicon Valley industry database hosted by Invest in Skåne and Copenhagen Capacity. You will find the database here at

Key facts about Medicon Valley

The area (comprised of the regions Sjælland, Hovedstaden, Skåne)

  • 21.000 km2
  • Approx. 3,5 million inhabitants
  • Over 60,000 employees in the private life science sector, in 1100+ companies
  • A high concentration of science
  • 12 universities, 5 of which supply life science related educations
  • 32 hospitals, of which 11 are academic hospitals

Companies with R&D and/or production in Medicon Valley

  • Approx. 80 (red) biotech companies
  • 20 pharma companies
  • 100 medtech companies
  • 7 science parks with a significant focus on life science
  • 6 incubators, of which 3 have a significant focus on life science
  • Approx. 80 contract research organizations and contract manufacturing organizations

International companies with affiliates in Medicon Valley

  • More than 200 pharma companies
  • Approx. 170 medtech companies


For the newest numbers, please download the most recent State of Medicon Valley (updated annually) from the media & analysis section of this website.