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Date:23 Sep
Time:15:00 - 16:00
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Louise Fur Høier

Louise Fur Høier

Event Manager & PA to CEO

A Guide to Drug Development of Challenging Molecules

Starting with an overview of beyond rule of five (bRo5) drugs and the key challenges behind these drugs, in this webinar, experts will discuss how intracellular concentrations of drugs is influenced by drug-transporting proteins and metabolizing enzymes and how they are involved in delivering effective drug as well as determining toxicity and drug interactions.

The speakers will then explain the importance of molecule developability assessment, discuss the various preformulation characterization requirements associated with early drug development, and examine the types of formulation technologies that can successfully overcome bioavailability challenges. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate how PBPK modeling can help understanding of API properties and be used as a tool to decide on formulation strategies.

Date: Thursday, September 23, 2021​
Time: 15:00 CET
Venue: Online




Permeability Intracellular Concentrations for Beyond Rule of Five (bRo5) Drugs
Prof. Per Artursson, Professor in Dosage Form Design, Uppsala University

  • Relationship between intracellular delivery and transcellular permeability of beyond rule of five (bRo5) drugs
  • Barriers to intracellular delivery, transcellular delivery and drug absorption of bRo5 drugs
  • Concept of intracellular drug bioavailability and factors influencing the same
  • Relationship between intracellular and transcellular delivery of bRo5 drugs
Optimizing Early Drug Development of Small Molecules
Stephen Tindal, Director, Science & Technology Catalent

  • Key considerations of early drug development and how to perform molecule developability assessment
  • Approaches to formulation technology selection strategies to overcome bioavailability challenges
  • Utilizing PBPK modeling to guide formulation development


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