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    MVA Annual Meeting 2018

    For the last 20 years, life science in Medicon Valley has been the most innovative, fastest growing and most job creating sector in the Greater Copenhagen region and we have been growing together!

    To sustain and develop the region’s momentum, we need to effectively remove barriers to the scale-up of our innovative life science companies, strengthen collaboration, and brand the region internationally. Thereby we can realize the ambition of Medicon Valley becoming the leading life science cluster of not only the Nordics, but Northern Europe.

    To discuss how to get from start-up to scale-up and beyond, Medicon Valley Alliance has the pleasure of inviting a list of inspirational regional, national and international speakers to our annual meeting.

    We are looking forward to seeing new and old members, partners and other Medicon Valley stakeholders for an afternoon of discussion and networking.

    Date: Thursday October 11, 2018
    Time: 12.00 – 18.00
    Venue: Crowne Plaza, Ørestads Boulevard 114-118, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark



    The program below will be updated on an ongoing basis:

    12:00 – 12:30

    Registration, networking and sandwiches

    12:30 – 12:35

    Petter Hartman, CEO, Medicon Valley Alliance

    12:35 – 12:50

    Status for the implementation of the Danish life science strategy
    Rasmus Jarlov, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, The Danish Parliament

    12:50 – 14:00

    Framework conditions for life science and innovation

    12:50 – 13:05

    State of Medicon Valley – Life science in Greater Copenhagen
    Petter Hartman, CEO, Medicon Valley Alliance

    13:05 – 13:25

    Beyond the pill – Catalysts, collaboration and the co-creation of value are shaping the future
    Sarah Lidé, Strategic consultant, PwC Sweden

    13:25 – 13:45

    Key learnings from life science strategies abroad
    Richard Wright, General Manager, Roche Denmark

    13:45 – 14:15

     Coffee break & networking

    14:15 – 15:15

    Investment focus

    14:15 – 14:30

    Leveraging China Life-science market growth and transformation for unprecedented value creation
    Niclas Adler, Executive Chairman, NGT-Partners

    14:30 – 14:45

    The challenges and opportunities of the life science sector
    Ingrid Teigland Akay, MD MBA, Managing Partner, HadeanVentures

    14:45 – 15:00

    Let’s shape tomorrow life science companies together!
    Carsten Borring,  AVP and Head of Listings & Capital Markets, Nasdaq Copenhagen

    15:00 – 15:15

    Lounge discussion

    15:15 – 15:45

    Coffee break & networking

    15:45 – 17:00

    Industry perspectives

    15:45 – 16:05

    BII – Bringing research to market
    Thomas Nagy, Director, BioInnovation Institute

    16:05 – 16:25

    Testa Center – an innovation center to grow industrialization of BioProcess biology and technology innovation
    Lotta Ljungqvist, President & CEO, GE Nordic Region

    16:25 – 16:40

    Pharma Open Innovation – how sharing and transparency could and should be part of a successful collaboration model
    Niclas Nilsson, Head of Open Innovation, LEO Pharma A/S

    16:40 – 16:55

    Immunovia – from great science to game changing products
    Mats Grahn, Chief Executive Officer, Immunovia

    16:55 – 17:00

    Summary and conclusions

    17:00 – 18:00

    Networking & tapas


    The list of speakers will be updated on an ongoing basis.

    Petter Hartman
    Medicon Valley Alliance

    Rasmus Jarlov
    Minister for Industry, Business
    and Financial Affairs
    The Danish Parliament

    Sarah Lidé
    Strategic consultant
    PwC Sweden

    Richard Wright
    General Manager
    Roche Denmark

    Niclas Adler
    Executive Chairman

    Ingrid Teigland Akay
    Managing Partner



    Carsten Borring
    AVP and Head of Listings & Capital Markets
    Nasdaq Copenhagen

    Thomas Nagy
    BioInnovation Institute

    Lotta Ljungqvist
    President & CEO
    GE Nordic Region 

    Niclas Nilsson
    Head of Open Innovation
    LEO Pharma A/S

    Mats Grahn
    Chief Executive Officer

    Søren Bregenholt
    Chairman of the board
    Medicon Valley Alliance






    Morten Sommer
    Technical University of Denmark




    MVA’s Annual meeting is the annual flagship event of Medicon Valley Alliance. We invite prominent regional, national and international speakers to address key topics such as life science innovation, commercialization of R&D, public private partnerships, talent attraction and other issues of importance for the realization of our vision for the Medicon Valley cluster. Last year’s annual meeting entitled “Health, Wealth and World Class”, was attended by 250+ prominent regional life science stakeholders.



    Do you want to become a sponsor of the Annual Meeting? Contact David Zepernick, or (+45) 24 98 16 68.


    Participation is free of charge for members of MVA and members of the press (late cancellation* /no-show fee DKK 500 excl. VAT).
    For non-members, the participant fee is DKK 1.500 excl. VAT, please see our event policy for non-members participation (late cancellation* /no-show fee DKK 500 excl. VAT).
    Registration ends on October  9, 2018.
    * If you cancel after the registration ends, it is considered late cancellation.